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         EDMOND ELECTRIC Co Ltd. presents:

                                                                       THE PERFECT GREEN PROJECT

 NEW!  D-I-Y Electric Tractor Conversion “KIT”. Read further for ordering information

          These  D-I-Y Electric Tractor Conversion “KITs”  are not available anywhere else!!!


​Do you love to build things?  Are you looking for a D-I-Y project? 

Would you like a clean, pollution-free, reliable & budget-friendly ELECTRIC RIDING TRACTOR to cut your lawn?

If the answer is yes, yes & yes – I’ve got the solution for you:- 

Convert that old, noisy, smelly riding mower in your garage to a clean, quiet, battery-powered.

Note:- This Riding Lawn Tractor Conversion will cut up to 2 acres grass on a 50cent charge but is not suitable for ground contact equipment like the one in the plans sold separately.
The Edmond Electric Co. Ltd. D-I-Y Lawn Tractor Conversion “KIT”

This one-of-a-kind “KIT” is new for 2018 and available only from:- starting in April 2018.


It’s easy to build and budget friendly.  You will need an old gas lawn tractor to convert to battery power (called a glider), basic electrical skills to be able to strip and connect wires, D-I-Y tools like screwdrivers, socket wrenches, tape measure, battery drill, hacksaw etc. a small amount of welding required but could be done by a local welding shop.  If you’re advanced at D-I-Y, you’ll still find it plenty engaging.  After all, this is probably the first time you have built a battery-powered electric riding tractor.


I have mixed some good old ideas with state-of-the-art technology to produce the cheapest, easiest and most efficient D-I-Y design to get the most run time out of the batteries, charge:-110V outlet or 24v solar panels.


The photo is an example of an old 42” gas tractor with a damaged transmission that I bought for conversion to an electric using the Edmond Electric Conversion Kit.  You don’t need the engine, transmission, belts, pulleys, blade bearing or any electrical wiring.  All you basically need is the frame, 4 wheels and metal cutting deck (commonly called a glider).  Everything else is either discarded or sold for parts.


This is a great riding mower project that you will enjoy using for years while saving hundreds of $$s on fuel, oil, repairs and tune-ups. 


Cost to operate gas tractor:   2 acre grass cut 22 times per year.

4 litres per acre x 2 acres x 22 cuts @ $1 per litre =                                         $176 per yr

Maintenance, tune-ups, oil changes, filters, belts, pulleys, battery, etc         $190 per yr

Gas tractor total est.                                                                                            $366 per year.

Cost to operator electric tractor:  2 acre grass cut 22 times per year.

22 battery charges @ 50 cents per 2 acres = 22 x .50 =                                    $11 per yr

replace 4 x 6V golf cart batteries (last approx. 7 yrs. $400/7yrs                       $57 per yr

Electric tractor total est.                                                                                      $68 per yr

 Estimated Annual Savings:    $366 - $68 = $298 per yr

Plus your electric tractor should outlast the gas version for many years.  You will be the envy of your neighbours!


The kit will contain plans, instructions and most of the difficult to get parts such as:- electric transaxle with motor and electric brake, 2 cutter motors with mounting flange, electronic motor controller, control relays, and other parts, 24v battery charger, batteries and some other easy to get parts are not included, 

The kit was developed to make it easier and cheaper for you ‘the builder’ it saves the hassle of searching and obtaining parts!

 The way around this was for me to search for suppliers of specially-made parts and purchase in volume to get the best prices for you.

i also redesigned the kit to make it easier to build and use cheaper golf cart batteries.


The kit is based on a 38" to 42” two blade cutting deck, lawn tractor with 18” diameter rear tires.  It uses standard 6V golf cart batteries, can cut up to 2 acres of grass on a 50 cent charge, plug-in to any 120V electrical outlet to recharge in about 4 hours or charge with solar panels.  It has magnetic braking and automatically applies parking brake when stopped.  It is designed to last with almost no maintenance:- low noise, zero pollution, no starting problems, no oil changes, no gas, no belts or pulleys, no filters, no engine tune-ups.  It can even be used indoors in a greenhouse.



There will only be a small number of kits available for now, if you would like one please email me at:-  with your :-shipping address, postal code, phone # and you will be sent an invoice. (paypal, credit cards, money orders or cheques accepted)

​                                                       New Low Price $1295 CDN     inc 2yr free email support

At present, we only ship kits to USA and Canada.


  While we do our uttermost to incorporate all safety features in this design and will provide free email support for up to 2 yrs we have no control over the assembly or use of any d-i-y  project, so buy purchasing this kit you agree to assume responsiblty to make sure your project is safe to use and meets any required safety standards


 Brian Edmond


Email at :

Edmond Electric Co Ltd
Ontario, K7N1J4