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The design and costs

Unlike others, the Edmond Electric design does not just replace the gas engine with a large electric motor with belts and pulleys or inefficient hydraulic drives, we use 3 small motors directly connected, speed is controlled by an efficient electronic controller so that motors only use power required to do the job, this equals more run-time per battery charge and less things to go wrong.       

I have spent many hours re-designing to get the costs as low as possible, and the plans include three options for you to choose from, they all have the similar features, option #1 uses some of the original gas tractor parts, option #2 uses cheaply available parts and option #3 uses more manufactured components.

The next most expensive parts are the two electric cutter motors.

Option #3 is the most Preferred, this uses a sealed transaxle and motor drive unit which should last forever, I have included a list of suppliers, this is the most expensive part, speed controllers, battery chargers, relays etc., there are dozens made in China (search Alibaba.com), also other parts can be from used forklift trucks or golf carts or automotive eg., battery chargers.  If you are willing to shop around you could save hundreds.

Option #1 & #2 could reduce the cost of purchasing the transaxle as they use the original gearbox that came with the gas engine.
Once converted the electric tractor should last you for many years with almost no maintenance and no gas,

We have compiled a list of suppliers but we have no control over the manufacturers, if parts become unavailable from one manufacturer other sources are available and we will try to find new suppliers.  


Good day: I was successful in purchasing your manual on the web. I wish to thank you for your prompt reply by phone to my problem. Your manual is very well done and will be extremely helpful in my building of the tractors. A small one for my wife to use in the gardens and a larger one for myself for yard work and snow removal. Again thank you.

T,Burns, Canada